November 10th Market News

There are only two markets left until Thanksgiving, which coincides with the ending of our Summer Market season. Starting in December the Market slims downs and our hours are shorter. We head indoors in to the Community Center in January.

Some of our vendors cannot follow us indoors. Morgiewicz, Taliaferro, Wrights and Climax don't grow enough in the winter to sustain their presence at markets. Both Daniel from Larchmont Charcuterie and Alex from Alex's Crepes take a few months off to travel and test out new recipes. Mariachi Mexcio spends the winter getting married! This is the third year in a row that one of the siblings has gotten hitched. This year it's Joanna's turn-she's the one behind the grill, perfectly placing sprouts on your breakfast taco. Stop by and wish them well in their winter endeavors-it will be Mariachi's last visit until next June.

You can still pre-order birds and pies. You can even pre-order mozzarella and foccacia from Lasagna Preziosa—back from his Italian holiday. Sweet Hearth Bake Shop will gladly arrange an order of her cauliflower brownies or other gluten free delicacies.

If you need a hostess gift or want to do some early holiday shopping, stop by the Market tent. We have new bags, kids t-shirts, and tea towels!

See you at the Market!

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