May 19th Market News

Dear Shoppers,

Rhubarb occupies that same rarified category as spring asparagus, summer ground cherries, and fall quince. It isn't widely cultivated so supply is limited and only appears for a few weeks—miss out and you have to wait a whole year to enjoy it again. Luckily we are in the height of rhubarb season. Concklins will have it. Shop early— they usually sell out in the first few hours of the Market.

Though it is technically a vegetable, the stalks are mostly used as fruit, particularly in pies paired with strawberries. You can get one of those at Pie Lady & Son.  If you want make your own or want to expand your rhubarb repertoire past a crumble, check out this recipecollection from Saveur. 

Also in that rarified category—ramps. The spring onions grow wild on Stone & Thistle's land in the Catskills and they have some to share with us, along with homemade ramp pesto and the pork and ramp Tony Hawk sausages. 

The Knife Sharpener will be on hand despite the forecast of rain.  Bring your knives, gardening shears and even lawn mowers!

Market favorite Milton performs tomorrow. 

See you at the market!

MG Markets