July 28th Market News

Dear Shoppers,

All corn is not equal. Like tomatoes, it matters where the corn is from and when it was picked. Because our local farmers sell directly to you, they don't have to harvest corn before it has reached its peak to account for travel and storage, resulting in corn so ripe and fresh you can eat it raw. Head to Concklin's or Morgiewicz early for the first harvest of sweet corn. Make sure to also grab some summer squash from Taliaferro or Sun Sprout to use in this three sisters salad.  The three sisters refer to the trinity of beans, corn, and squash— sacred staples of First Nations people in the Americas. The crops were planted together because they form a perfect interdependent ecosystem-the vines of the beans crawl up the corn stalks and the leaves of the squash plants provide shade, which in turn retains moisture and acts as a natural weed deterrent.  You can read more about this traditional Haudenasaunee planting method here.

While the salad is perfect on its own—it has enough protein from the beans to fill you up and keep you sated— it can also serve as a great side for an easy weeknight or after-beach carnivorous BBQ. Pick up a duck breast, score the skin, and throw it on the grill for a few minutes on each side. While the grill is hot, place some halved peaches brushed with olive oil with for an after-dinner treat. Dinner and dessert is in less than 30 minutes!

For those of you following the food stamps some good news. The National Association of Farmers Market Nutrition Programs has providing emergency funds to keep the EBT payment system at farmers' markets operational for another 30 days. Read more about it here http://gothamist.com/2018/07/25/ebt_farmers_markets.php

Now for some unfortunate news. Food scrap collection is temporarily on hold, due, in part to its overwhelming success. We've collected 3 tons of compost in a few short weeks and the company that hauls the material to the Ulster County composting facility from Greenburgh needs to adjust its carting methods to accommodate the volume. This is only a temporary setback. The Village, Market and Conservation Commission are working on a solution and hope to be up and running again lickety-split.  We hope this will not curb your enthusiasm to compost.  Until we resume operations, you can bring your compost directly to the Anthony F. Veterans Park in Ardsley/Hartsdale – 11 Olympic Lane off Heatherdell Rd. Only a 12-minute drive from the HFM!

Lastly, please make sure to stop by Hastings Station Cafe after the market to wish Avi farewell. We were sad when he left the Market years ago as he began winding down and we will miss him even more now that the Cafe is closing.  

See you at the Market! 

p.s. Don’t forget Alex’s Crepes is on their French holiday until mid-August.

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