October 12, 2019

Wil Hi swings by this Saturday for their monthly visit, Did you know they carry more than lamb chops and ground lamb? They also bring reusable wool dryer balls (a more sustainable alternative to disposable dryer sheets), artisanal goat-milk soaps and beautiful yarn made from wool sheared from their sheep. Don’t know how to knit? You can learn at The Observatory in downtown Hastings or you could try your hand at very easy finger knitting. This is a great activity to learn with kids since it’s simple and doesn’t need any needles. If you’re looking to add some non-screen activities to your bag o’ tricks for long drives or long restaurant waits, we highly recommend picking up a skein of Wil Hi’s yarn and finger-knitting away the boredom!

Arlotta Food Studio makes their second and final visit to the Market this Saturday with a full array of infused oils and vinegars. This time of year we’re partial to their fig-infused balsamic vinegar. Pick up a bottle and make your own salad dressing by combining the fig vinegar with some of their traditional olive oil, cold-pressed from California olives. Add minced shallots, a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and small dollop of honey. Whip it together and use it to dress a simple, seasonal salad made with Sun Sprout spinach, goat cheese from Painted Goat, pistachios, and fresh figs from Wrights.

Have you ever found yourself wandering the tables of Concklin’s, not knowing which apples would be best for applesauce or which ones pack the most crispiness for lunch box snacks? Take a look at the handy guide above, or better yet ask Trevor in the Market tent. If you’re loyal to one variety, try switching up the variety and the way you use them. Need some inspiration? Check out this recipe collection from Food 52 which includes an apple bread stuffing and apples baked in cider, which Concklin’s also has.

Who knew everyday kitchen items could be used to make such cool crafts? Hastings resident Jodi Levine of Super Make it is crafting with kids at the Market from 10-12, using overlooked household objects like coffee filters and milk cartons to make fun and inspiring art.

Fer Franco