September 28th, 2019

Hallie’s Baking Company returns with their crowd-pleasing cookies. In addition to their signature chocolate chip, they’re bringing a gluten-free vegan Cacao cookie option, the Campfire, which marries classic chocolate chip with chunks of Hershey’s chocolate bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows, and double fudge. They’re even debuting a new fall flavor tomorrow. The only hint we’ve gotten is that it references a certain round, orange squash that is all the rage in autumn….

Mangalitsa visits tomorrow with their range of charcuterie and fresh pork, including their famous bacon burger, which is exactly what it sounds like. We’re partial to to the slider version which makes for great dinner party appetizers or quick kid meals. If you’re grilling this weekend don’t forget their cheese brats to be deliciously topped with kimchi from Kimchi Kulture.

L’shana Tovah! If you’re one of the many celebrating the Jewish New Year and need table centerpieces or hostess gifts, look no further than Treadlight Farm. They have gorgeous dahlias in a full range of autumn hues along with rare sunflowers in purples and reds that will stun on any dinner table.

We ask that people continue to be mindful of their dogs’ ability to handle a noisy Market, which can be overwhelming for pooches — lots of new smells, other dogs, little ones running after them trying to pet them. If your dog cannot handle any of these situations, please leave them at home. And if they can handle it, please be vigilant about where they decide to lift their leg. One territory-marking drizzle can destroy hundreds of dollars of produce. We are grateful for your help in making our Market enjoyable for all of our friends, no matter how many legs they walk on!

River run plays in the Music Tent from 10am-12pm

See you at the Market!

Fer Franco