it's your patriotic duty to grill...

it's your environmental duty to grill something "local" it's your culinary duty to think outside the burger box

(grilled oysters, scallops wrapped in bacon, lamb sausage, giant portabellas, pork chops, pork belly etc. etc. )

All arrows point to the Hastings Farmers Market where you can get everything you need for your sparkler of a bbq (and tacos for lunch, too). Yes, Fork & Glass will be at the market with their tacos al carbon with lime crema, avocado and Pico de gallo. Good news: they will be with us every other Saturday from here on out.

The crepe makers are taking the day off tomorrow, but they will be back next week, just in time for their holiday - Bastille Day.

Bombay Emerald is here for their monthly visit - just in time to put a little plum chutney on your grilled meats. Also: if you haven't tried Nirmala's Saag Paneer ask for a taste tomorrow - you won't be able to resist taking some home. Same for the pea soup at Fork and Glass.

Hudson Valley Duck has flown the coop this week but they will return next Saturday.

Here's a hint: buy a pint of blueberries to snack on or for your yogurt and cereal. Buy an extra pint to sprinkle blueberries in your green salads all week long.

Ditto with pistachios at Tierra Farm!

tomorrow's schedule:

Adam Hart will entertain us under the music tent fro 10: 15 to 12: 15.

Kids yoga with Allison Schubert is at 9 a.m.

Storytelling is at 10: 15 a.m.

Kids crafts start at 11 a.m.

We hope to see you at the market!

Happy Independence Day!