Sribble Art & Pickle Juice to kick off summer!

dear shoppers, Happy first "official" weekend of summer! How nice that you can linger at the market now without rushing to soccer or softball.

If school activities have kept you away so far this season, you'll be happy to discover how many lunch options we now have, because you can really work up an appetite shopping the market.  In addition to the authentically fantastic $3 tacos at the Bistro du Soleil taco bar (pulled pork, black bean, skirt steak and shredded chicken) we offer savory crepes from Grenadine French Creperie, sandwiches and arancini from Lasagna Preziosa and burritos and prepared salads from True Food. As you know Taiim is selling their hummus at the market to save you that extra trip to "the shack."  (I don't go a week without my edamame hummus in which I merrily dip fennel, carrots, radishes, asparagus spears....). But did you know that they are also making their falafel sandwiches right at the market? And if that weren't enough, the Dough Nation Pizza Truck will be parked in the driveway tomorrow. So you see, lots of reasons to stick around for lunch.

Here's an extra incentive: Scribble Art & Bread & Yoga (see link below) will be leading a free workshop from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Kids of all ages are welcome to come help build a giant paper sculpture that, once completed, will be put on display in Hastings for all to see.

Our new pickle vendor, Horman's Best Pickles has been getting rave reviews.  WE LOVE THEM - their attitude and their honey mustard brine.  In their honor, here is an interesting article  from Bon Appetit on the various things you can do with leftover pickle juice - from beef marinades to whiskey chasers (also known as  "picklebacks".)

See you at the market!


Scribble Art & Yoga