after the deluge...STRAWBERRIES!

dear shoppers, From strawberry fields to strawberry shortcake, the sweet, cone-headed strawberry is undoubtedly the most popular and beloved of all the berries.

But did you know that the strawberry is actually a member of the "rose" family? and that the Romans believed that the strawberry was therapeutic and could heal anything from loose teeth to stomach problems. Both Concklin’s Orchards and Wright's Apple Farm (our cheery new orchard with the yolk-yellow truck) should have stacks and stacks of them at the market tomorrow.

Buy several cartons and experience their range in the kitchen (and bar). Make a strawberry fool or a pavlova or a milk shake or a crisp or a salad with orange segments and and mint. Or, make a simple strawberry coulis to adorn a pint of Penny Lick vanilla ice cream. Tuck a Savor Nicasia Lavender cookie in there and voila! Instant dinner-party dessert.

Speaking of Penny Lick...Ellen Sledge, who helms the cute Penny Lick ice cream cart is a very smart business woman (in a addition to making killer ice cream). She will be bringing more push-pops to market this week since she sold out of the 70 she brought last week faster than you could say "custard-style ice cream." She also figured out that there are A LOT of toddlers at our market so for them, she has created the "mini" push-pop, more manageable to both eat and hold. Good thinking Ellen!

Also - it is with GREAT pleasure that I introduce you to a new pickle vendor. Horman's Best Pickles from Long Island. Yes, Picklelicious has decided to move on after all these years. But before you make a sour face, read this profile of Horman's  in Edible East End. Horman’s features a hand- crafted line of pickle products that has been gaining a steady following over the last few years at markets on Long Island, in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I think you will be very, very pleased.

Tomorrow Milton will be rocking the house. Before they perform, we will be treated to some soulful Shona Mbira music from Zimbabwe.

Don't forget to buy your tickets for the Hastings' Library cocktail party fundraiser next week!

See you at the market. Until then, I leave you with a recipe for Vanilla Roasted STRAWBERRIES (with rhubarb) from Bon Appetit.