An embarrassment of riches...

  The farmer’s market is brimming with summer’s bounty right now..

Crates are overflowing with tomatoes, cherry, Mexican, heirloom, orange, plum and otherwise...There are ridiculous amounts of basil, cucumbers, squash and eggplant.

Try to think beyond this weekend's dinner menu - and buy extra so you can enjoy LOCAL summer fruits and vegetables this winter.

This is the time of year to buckle down and make sauces to freeze or can. Buy ground lamb or duck breast to make a thick ragu that'll warm your bones come January.

Make sure to pick up some spices from Spice Revolution for pickling! Turn workaday cucumbers into butter pickles or make your own dilly beans!

Make your own tomato or peach salsa or some plum chutney guaranteed to brighten you up when the skies turn dreary.

You've got access to great ingredients...all you need is a little time - and isn't that what the last days of summer are for?

Need some hand-holding to walk you through it? Check out these very useful cookbooks:  "Preserving: The Canning and Freezing Guide for All Seasons" (William Morrow) by Pat Crocker & "Stocking Up: America's Classic Preserving Guide" (Rodale) , by Carol Hupping, now in its third edition!
If making your own chutney sounds too intimidating - worry not, Bombay Emerald Chutney Co. is here this weekend. And after being so industrious, treat yourself to a relaxing al fresco market dinner: just about everything at the market can be thrown on the grill, from plums and scallops to corn and pork chops! Bon appetit!

ROTATING VENDORS: The Knife Sharpeners are HERE and so is  Kontoulis Olive Oil (a bonus visit this month) Bombay Emerald
GUEST VENDOR: THE TEAVES FRUIT TEA folks are back. Make sure you try one of their flavored iced tea beverages made with local fruit.

MUSIC: Griffin Anthony

THE PTSA will be selling SCHOOL CALENDARS at the market starting at 9 a.m. so bring your checkbook or extra cash! DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR YOGA MAT: FREE EARLY MORNING PRE-MARKET YOGA at FULTON PARK taught by Celine Suarez. All levels welcome! 8 to 9 a.m. Our stylin'  new t-shirts are in! Kids sizes coming soon!