An Ode to the tomato

Dear Shoppers, An ode to the tomato, courtesy of Food52 in celebration of Tomato Week. Check out their site for recipes, buying guides, tip sheets, and luscious pictures.

"The street filled with tomatoes midday, summer, light is halved like a tomato, its juice runs through the streets." - Pablo Neruda

Tomato harvest time is upon us. The market is overflowing with these ripe fruit (or veggie. You decide. For more on the debate check out this National Geographic overview)

Never sink Farm, Sun Sprout Farm, and  Taliaferro Farmstead have the fresh, juicy ones. Come to the market early to see the rainbow of colors- everyone grows different varieties and sizes! Wrights Farm has canned their heirlooms and made sauce and salsa easy meal-making.

Come for the tomatoes, stay for the pretzels from Bronx Baking Co, rotegruetze from Kaffee & Klatsch NY, and so much more!

See you at the market!