dear shoppers, Apricots are among the first stone fruit to appear on the summer scene. Their skin, which, like their meaty flesh, can range from pale yellow to a deep burnt orange, always seems to glow at the farmer's market.

This week, both Orchards of Concklin and Wright's Apple Farm will have their first batch of the season. Start thinking apricot smoothies, apricot frangipane tart (a French classic), grilled apricots (with Penny Lick ice cream!!) and apricot barbecue sauce for your grilled steak, duck and pork.

This week's recipe is for an easy roasted apricot dessert courtesy of thejoythebaker.com blog - always a joy to read. You can get your honey and lemon balm from Honey Locust Farmhouse. Nancy should have plenty of black raspberries this weekend...which pair beautifully with goat cheese in a salad, btw.

Painted Goat Farm is very excited to offer their popular (and fleeting) "Strawberries and Cream" Chèvre. They only carry this for a couple of weeks a year - as long as their organic strawberries last on the farm - so indulge!  Painted Goat is also unveiling a brand new cheese this week: a semi-hard, washed rind raw cheese that's been cave-aged for two months. The "meaty" cheese with a nutty flavor is making its debut at the Hastings Market so be one of the first to enjoy it on a piece of baguette or miche from Bread Alone.

Hummingbird Ranch, which sells bulk jars of raw honey and maple syrup is here this week. And so is Flourish Baking Co.

Reminder: the knife sharpener is here on the third Saturday of every month.

See you at the market!