Calling all Cupids...Market is open tomorrow - snow or no snow!

Long-stemmed roses are nice.Locally-grown food is better!

Why not celebrate waking up next to the one you love on Tuesday with some wholesome granola at the market? You can find some at the Bread Alone stand, as well as the True Food of Nyack table and at Tierra Farm.  Try a sample from each and see which one you like best. Sarah's Caramella's will be here with her popular treats appropriately packaged with a red ribbon. As always, Dutch Desserts will have their chocolate tarts shaped like a heart. In my family, we like to buy each other something - anything-  red on Valentine's Day (everything from a red colander to a red wooly hat to a book with a red jacket). Red meat would work -  and we've got plenty of it at the market this week with Roaming Angus and Cowberry bringing their gorgeous cuts of beef. Cowberry has an abundance of lamb right now so come with your favorite tagine recipe. How about some sweet heat for your sweet-heart? Guyank Brank will be here with their usual lineup of hot tangy  barbecue sauces. We will have plenty of those beautiful handmade vintage aprons (made by Kim Sava) which always make a nice gift. Especially if you tuck something extra special in the some Clean Ridge Soap Co. lotion or soap. See you at the market!