Celebrate moms (and mother figures) with good grub (and other gifts) from the farmer's market!

dear shoppers, Most of you know that I'm a sucker for a good tag sale. I like going to them and I like hosting them. I like seeing some of my favorite "objets" - be it a vintage bag or an old vinyl suitcase - get a new lease on life.

I especially love it when someone finds true bliss in one of my discards.

Such was the case last week when a young mother who lives on Elm spied my tried and true square wicker picnic basket with the bamboo handles at a tag sale I was running with a friend.

To be honest, the basket was off to the side. I hadn't yet decided if I was ready to part with it. For years, it was my "go to" basket for transporting pies, usually to the same friends' house. But these friends are moving away and, frankly, my life is just too busy for pie-baking these days.

So when she leaned in for the basket, instead of feeling a twinge of regret, I was eager to tell her what a great pie-carrier it was.

But she beat me to the punch.

"I have to have this: it's the perfect basket for a Mother's Day picnic."

Of course! A Mother's Day picnic basket.

That's when I felt the twinge.

It didn't last. By then she had tucked it under her arm and was happily walking up the street.

Whether you have the perfect basket or not, we hope you will celebrate the person who is a mother figure in your life this weekend by preparing a market meal. We've got all you need for the perfect picnic: smoked duck breast, pate de campagne, creamery butter, French breakfast radishes, baguette and, of course, goat cheese, Rupert cheese, pickles and apples. And pie.

Know a new mom who is a tad overwhelmed? Why not surprise her with several jars of Happy Belly Baby Food made with local fruits and vegetables.

And what mom doesn't deserve locally-grown flowers? In their own vase and for a good cause to boot. "Flowers to Empower" will be selling locally-grown tulips of all colors in vintage Mason jars. Proceeds go to the Hastings Youth Advocate program.

MX Morningstar will also be bringing down some flowers from their neighbor in Copake, Tiny Hearts Farm who will return to the market in earnest on May 30th.

I'm all about the radish this time of year. This salad from Eating Well is too. It's perfect for a spring picnic.

See you at the market!