Cheap eats!

Can you cook a meal for $5 or less per person?SlowFOOD USA bets you can. To prove that "slow" food - food that's healthy, local and prepared with the utmost respect for their ingredients -  doesn't have to cost more than "fast" food, the farm to table organization has issued a challenge to all Americans for September 17th (that's tomorrow): prepare a meal for $5 or less per person (or $20 for a family of four). I'm thinking cod fish tacos, with shredded cabbage and carrots and black beans. Or pasta with a medley of gourmet mushrooms (yes, they are pricey - but you don't need as many as you think. A half pound goes a long way in pasta or in an omelet!). I'm also thinking baked apples for dessert or a plum crostata (the NYT had a killer recipe this week). If you need more inspiration, look for freelance chef/health coach Jolyn Arisman who will be walking around the market around noon'ish with lots of inspired ideas for affordable market meals. She'll be carrying a sign that reads: Are you up to the $5 challenge? If you miss her, feel free to find me at the market. I am always happy to answer any cooking questions.

Thanks to all of you who gave so generously to our farmers flooded out by Irene at last week's market.  So far, we have collected over $2,000.00. Checks are still coming in. We will continue to collect (we have a donation bucket at the market) until the end of the month at which point we will distribute the money to our affected farmers.

Don't forget to bring your knives tomorrow! The Knife Sharpeners will be here and Les Tappan Zigues (think Jacques Brel and Yves Montand) will be in the music tent. And, Buddhapesto should be back after a brief absence. See you at the market!