Cherries, breakfast parfaits and a whole lotta lamb at the market this week!

Lots to look forward to this Saturday... image-68Dragonfly Granola is bringing yogurt parfaits made with Sohha Yogurt, local berries, and their pistachio granola. A nice, refreshing breakfast alternative at the market.

Wil-Hi FARM is here for their once-monthly visit with all things lamb (including  skeins of wool should you need knitting materials for an upcoming getaway). Stock up on ground lamb for burgers (and don't forget some fresh mint, red onion and feta cheese from Painted Goat Farm to adorn them).

Cherries are rolling in. My favorite way to eat them is out of hand...but if you feel like getting creative with cherries in the kitchen this weekend try this cold cherry borscht.

Strudel-Z - also here just once a month - will be featuring their golden apple strudel and "pockets" filled with seasonal greens.

Should you decide to stick around for lunch, try a pollo & papa taco from Mariachi Mexico -hand pressed corn tortillas filled with chicken and local fingerling potatoes and cilantro. Or, a traditional carnitas (pork) with bright pickled red onion and fresh grated radish.

They will also be serving roasted poblano peppers stuffed with ground chuck, raisins & olives. And, of course, they will be serving two refreshing aguas frescas - jicama and mango.

Speaking of refreshing - Red Jacket is back with their orchard juices - and just in the nick of summertime, too.

A hearty congratulations to Tiny Hearts Farm owners Luke Franco and Jenny Elliot - who gave birth to George Thornton Elliot Franco (10 pounds!)  last week.

So happy for this lovely couple.

Music by Matt Turk

See you at the market!

Full vendor list (subject to change)

Bien Cuit

Big Bang Coffee Roasters

Bread Alone Bakery

Bronx Baking Co

Champagne Tea

The Orchards of Concklin

Dobbs & Bishop Fine Cheese

DOC Pickle

The Cookery's DoughNation

Dragonfly Granola


Hudson Valley Duck Farm

Kaffee & Klatsch NY

Kontoulis Family Olive Oil

Riccardo Befi. "Lasagna Preziosa"

Lenny B Smoked Trout

Mariachi Mexico

Meredith's Bread

MOMO dressing

Morgiewicz Produce

Neversink Farm

Nutty Spread

Painted Goat Farm

Penny Lick Ice Cream Company

Pie Lady & Son

Raven & Boar/ Hudson Valley Charcuterie

Red Jacket Orchards Juices

Sohha Savory Yogurt

Southtown Farms

Strudel Z

Sun Sprout Farm

Taiim Shack Mobile

Tiny Hearts Farm

True Food

White Pine Community Farm

Wil Hi Farm

Wrights Farm