Come in from the cold tomorrow 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

It will be nice and cozy inside the Community Center so bundle up and come on down.
In addition to our regular vendors (Madura Farms, Pura Vida Fish, Roaming Angus, Cowberry Crossing, Neversink Farm) tomorrow we will welcome Gaia's Breath Farm. This week they will be featuring gorgeous heritage black pork (cutlets, osso bucco, ground, roasts etc.) some charcuterie (saucisson sec and pate de campagne) as well as their veal meatballs and turkey sausage made with spiced dates and figs. Also, try their panoply of cheeses (made from sheep, cow and goat's milk).
and their always unique French-style winter squash. They also carry La Ratte potatoes - those nutty French fingerlings that stay nice and firm after boiling.
Rich Brownies is here for their once a month visit. Baker Betsy Rich (who also teaches snowboarding at Windham every winter) is taking the weekend off the slopes to come to the market in person.
She can't help herself from inventing a new flavor brownie each time she comes to the market. This week she says she is "stoked" to unveil her new "white chocolate raspberry" brownie. She also is bringing her usual sweet potato, red velvet and salted caramel brownie. She also offers several vegan and flourless options. (She simply replaces flour with additional  chocolate in her flourless brownie turning an allergy into an asset).
Honey Locust Farmhouse will bring lots of her elderberry elixir to keep you healthy during these brutal winter months. Put some in your hot toddy or your children's hot cider!
Coach Farm goat cheese will be back with us in February.
Don't forget your beer growlers and your knives...
Most of our vendors at the market accept food stamps...please tell your friends and neighbors.