CORN, zukes & cukes and summer-sweet tomatoes at the market tomorrow!

This is what I've had for lunch every day this week: two slices of Peasant bread from Bread Alone toasted, slightly buttered and topped with thick market tomato slices . Unike Harriet the Spy my tomato sandwiches are served open-faced and with a pinch of Celtic sea salt.And though Harriet was the first to champion the tomato sandwich, something tells me her bread and tomatoes were nowhere near as divine as mine. There should be lots of tomatoes at the market tomorrow so start thinking about stocking up on ragu fixings like ground lamb or duck for when the tomato onslaught begins later in the summer. Tomorrow Hummingbird Ranch will be at the market with their wide assortment of honey and syrups and those ever popular Honey Stix. Also, Guyank Brand hot sauce is here just in time to spice up those marinades for grilling. As luck would have it, Cowberry Crossing has lots of specials this week on their meat:  20% off certified organic pork chops and select cuts of their grass-fed beef.

Also, their stew beef is marked down from $10 to $6.50 a pound -- perfect for kebabs!

Sorry - the Dough Nation Pizza Truck will be in Verplanck tomorrow at the Italian Festival hosted by his uncle. (We can't compete with that). But Fork & Glass will be making tacos. The Crepes stand returns at the end of the month.

And Matt Turk will perform from 10 to noon tomorrow paying tribute to Woodie Guthrie in honor of what would have been his 100th birthday.

And, of course, tomorrow is Bastille Day...all baguettes will be slightly discounted because that's the right thing to do. If you're planning a petanque party, make sure you pick up some duck rillettes with that baguette!



Please tell all your friends that we now accept food stamps at the market.