Duck fat, Red Jacket Juices and Dough Nation Pizza... Huzzah!

dear shoppers, So, we are moving.  NEXT week! To another house in Hastings.

This requires some serious menu planning. We don't, obviously, want to shlep food - especially frozen food - from one house to the next.

Our plan is to eat our way through the fridge and freezer by early next week.

The girls have inventoried both and posted their respective contents on the refrigerator door. My job is to come up with ways to use everything up in five days.

Astonishing how many farmers are represented in my freezer from the three markets I run. Needless to say we have been grilling a lot, eating in the back yard esp. now that I sold my stretch farm table (won't fit in the new house).

Fortunately...we have re-discovered the Hudson Valley Duck Fat that was buried behind the Letterbox whole chicken and the Southtown Farms kielbasa.


What to do with all the mushrooms I collect from Gary at Wiltbank Farms every week even though I still have plenty left in the fridge? Why - saute them in duck fat of course.

What to do with these gorgeous fingerling potatoes from Neversink? Saute them in duck fat, of course. What to do with that gorgeous head of radicchio from Morgiewicz? Wilt it in duck fat, of course.

unnamedThis is exactly what Angus, the dapper guy in the boater hat manning the Duck tent has been doing for the last few weeks. Towards the end of the market, when things start to quiet down, he plucks ingredients from his fellow vendors and sautes them in this amazing duck fat that they sell by the pound. Then he walks around the market offering samples.

There are advantages to hitting the market later in the day (fewer crowds, easier parking, vendor discounts) and this is definitely one of them...

Of course, you wouldn't want to miss the music.

This week, we are celebrating Bastille Day a little late with French balladeers Les Tappan Zigues. If they have you reminiscing about la douce France, you can always grab a saucisson sec or pate de campagne from Larchmont Charcuterie, or get a Brittany-style crepe from Alex, both at market tomorrow.

Also here: Pure Food Sisters (stock up on PESTO and their horseradish) and The Peanut Principle with their dizzying variety of nut butters. Hudson River Apiaries has several varieties of LOCAL honey, such a nice addition to Sohha yogurt.

Did you catch this lovely mention of Sohha on NPR?

Check it out!

unnamed-1And more good news: you'll be happy to know that Red Jacket Orchards is coming back to sell their cold-pressed, unfiltered juices at the Hastings Farmer's Market starting tomorrow!

Ice cold refreshing juices made with local fruit in various sizes. Stocking up on their thirst-quenching summer citrus apple juice for the big move!


And the Dough Nation Pizza Truck is here tomorrow as well. Should be a great day to shop the market.

Though no shopping for me.

See you at the market!