From Fresh to the Freezer

dear shoppers, When we were in Maine last month we picked so many blueberries on Caterpillar Hill that we were able to bake something blueberry every day of our stay and still have enough to freeze upon our return. Every time I open the freezer door I spy those two Tupperwares packed with those dainty and super sweet berries and I smile because I know there will come a gloomy day in January when they are going to be just the ticket to shake off the winter, er, blues.

It has made me start to look at the market differently...I'm now shopping for meals for the week, but also for things to freeze. Fresh basil, for instance. Or that gorgeous Taliaferro spinach, or peaches that I can cut up and freeze at peak ripeness.  If I can't extend summer on the calendar...then I can at least seal it in a Ziploc Freezer bag.

Here are a couple of links to help you figure out how to save your favorite foods of summer.

This link will tell you how to preserve fresh herbs in olive oil in ice cube trays (yay! Kontoulis is here this week!). And this link will teach you how to make the perfect sauce for freezing with all those extra heirloom tomatoes at the market this week.

Cowberry Crossing and Rich Brownies are here tomorrow as is Spice Revolution.

There will be no yoga this weekend or next as our instructor is on the other side of the pond. There will be Scribble Art creative crafts for kids at 11 a.m. ...and Ruby Reilly will be performing one last time before she heads to Oberlin next week. Congrats to Ruby.

And congrats to all the market shoppers who are heading off to college this week...Here's wishing there are great farmer's markets on or near campus!

See you at the market!