Listen up! Ears of corn aplenty at the market this weekend!

dear shoppers, There's an old New England saying that goes: "You can stroll into the garden to cut the corn but you darn well better run back to the kitchen to cook it."

That's because as soon as an ear of corn is picked, its sweet sugars immediately start their gradual conversion to starch. There's no getting around that, though people have tried. (Some hard-core corn lovers have been known to bring a cooler of ice to the market for their corn).

If you are able to prepare corn on the cob on market day, by all means go for it.

What tastes better than fresh corn on the cob with some salted Kriemhild Dairy's meadow butter (hopefully you bought some last week. They will be back on the 16th).

But, if you aren't going to get to your corn until Tuesday, I recommend shaving the cooked kernels off the cob and tossing them in a succotash or a chowder, a taco, a frittata or a flan. (The Samosa Shack is putting them in their samosas this week!).

Or a salad, of course.

Here's a perfect summer salad featuring corn kernels that also invites seasonal sun gold cherry tomatoes and zucchini to the party. You can make this your meal with a slice of Miche bread from Bread Alone or serve it as a side or starter salad for your next barbecue. Can't you just see it on a plate with some grilled salmon or chicken?

Honey Locust Farmhouse is here this week so stock up on her unctuous golden honey, jams and  exotic herbal teas (great for making sun tea).

Plus: Spice Revolution is bringing over 50 different spices and both lemon salt (perfect for sprinkling on heirloom tomatoes) and a mesquite salt for grilling.

You can look forward to some cool Latin tunes by Serenata in the music tent...

See you at the market!