Our first outdoor farmers market of 2012!

WOW! The weather is going to be glorious for our first outdoor market of 2012.If you planned your spring break around tomorrow's farmers market, you won't be disappointed. While we still won't have all of our greens vendors until June, there should be plenty of just harvested tender lettuces, baby spinach and mesclun available. Nancy MacNamara of Honey Locust Farmhouse is harvesting her chickweed and nettles today and, of course, she will be bringing her nettle pesto, which turns any pasta dish into a celebration of spring.  (It sells out quickly so don't dawdle). Her raspberry coulis is a hot ticket at Red Hat restaurant where chef Bruce Beaty has been pouring it over By the Way Bakery's divine lemon tea cakes. In the same color scheme...Fork & Glass will have their new Nordic BEET burgers which are as delicious as they are healthy. Check out their new Scandinavian potato salad which is so light you'll forget you're eating potatoes. A little too righteous? Mtn. Smokehouse is having a barn sale on bacon: 1lb is $8; 2lbs is $15, 3lbs is $20). Cowbery Crossing is offering all of their grass-fed beef and their certified organic pork chops at a 20% discount this Saturday. Please stop and say hello to Linzi Fastiggi of Spice Revolution, the tiny little shop in Dobbs Ferry specializing in gourmet salts and exotic spices and chocolates. Fastiggi makes her own spice blends and chocolate bark and her knowledge of aromatics is dizzying. I could listen to her talk spice all day. If you're dangerously low on honey or syrup,or honey sticks for the lunchbox, fear not, Hummingbird Ranch is back this week as well. See you at the market! Remember we are still on winter hours: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.!  And, as always, remember to park in the train station parking lot.