Please join us outside in the Library Parking Lot for our FIRST Winter Market of the season...

dear shoppers, Bundle up and head to the market this Saturday where there will be plenty of local ingredients to fill your crock pots and soup tureens.

Something about the holidays makes me crave fish soup - which feels more celebratory and special than your run straight parsnip or butternut this time of year and has the added advantage of serving as a one-pot meal for guests. This Jamie Oliver recipe for Sicilian Fish Soup has the additional advantage of being healthy AND including butternut squash to make it both seasonal and sweet.

This recipe for fish stew with white beans from Cooking Light, features saffron and citrus, both welcome additions to any winter soup pot.


Paul, our own personal fishmonger at Pura Vida will be more than happy to help you with your fish selection for this soup.


Hastings Station Cafe is taking a break from the market tomorrow. You can get your hot coffee from the French Press Cafe Empanada stall and Teagevity will, of course, be providing lovely organic hot teas.

Extra incentive to shop the market this week: Alex's French Crepes will, once again, be making crepes using the utterly addictive NUTTY SPREAD - organic, fair trade and delicious alternative to Nutella (also at the market this week).

And, the Library is holding its annual "HOLIDAY GIFTIQUE" - a great place to do some holiday gift shopping (I've scored some lovely, unique presents here) and buy some baked goods in support of our lovely library.

While you are in there, make sure to check out the new mural in the Young Adult Section, which was created by local artist Patrick McNeil just last month.

Also make sure to clear your calendar on Tuesday, December 8 at 7pm when the Library will be screening the timely documentary The Day the '60's Died, about the Kent State shootings. After the screening there will be a panel discussion with the writer/director Jon Halperin, also a Hastings resident, as well as with others involved in the making of the film.

A reminder that, as per tradition, there will be Christmas caroling at our NEXT market, Dec. 19th, led by Gillian Anderson starting at 10:30 a.m. That market will close at noon, so, leave enough time to shop - and sing.

See you at the market!