Should be a zesty market this week: Spice Revolution, Guyank Hot Sauce and Calcutta Kitchen in the house!

dear shoppers, Spice Revolution will be here with a new shipment of powdered saffron from Spain. I've been saving this recipe for baked cod with chorizo and saffron from Real Simple magazine until Linzi's  return.

Our new meat vendor Southtown Farms, has lots of chorizo and Pura Vida should have cod this week. If not, you can use hake (it's less expensive than cod but is no less delicious and has the same "flake" factor).

We've made this a few times at our house now and are always amazed at how easy it is to prepare. Definitely do-able on a Tuesday night between soccer and chorus.

Also: if anyone is interested in purchasing rabbit at the market, Southtown Farms will bring it upon request. You can e-mail Farmer Matt Soldano directly at They run $6.49 a lb, and run between 3 and 3.5 pounds each.

Honey Locust is making an appearance this week so grab your elderberry elixir while you can. I know ebola's making headlines - but the flu season is upon us.

Please welcome our new honey vendor this week, Hudson Apiaries. And, remember: our chili cook-off is slated for Nov. 8th.

See you at the market!