There's nothing else to say about tomorrow's forecast. Except that let's face it...we've been extraordinarily lucky so far this season.I can't remember when we've had 20 straight market-friendly Saturdays in a row. As it stands, the market will go on as planned. But please check your email or the website  (www.hastingsfarmersmarket.org) before you head out, just in case.

The farmers are willing to get up at 4 a.m. and drive through sleet to get here.  I hope you will bundle up from head to toe and and come do a quick shop. But we'll understand if you don't. If you do come, shop like a bumble bee: with focus and zeal. No need to linger. If, by some miracle, the weather changes...we will be graced with Ruby Reilly's lovely voice and ukelele playing. She really does sound like a bucket of sunshine so if we don't hear her tomorrow,  we will make sure to squeeze her in sometime before season's end... Oh - Clean Ridge Soap Co. is at the market tomorrow...
We could all use some of their luscious moisturizers now that we're cranking up the heat! See you at the market!