April 7th Market News

Dear Shoppers,

We're back outside tomorrow in our usual spot- the library parking lot at Seven Maple Avenue. Spring temperatures still elude us but at least the projected snow is steering clear.  Remember even  though we are outside, we don't open until 9am.

Kontoulis Family Olive Oil can't make it so we  invited Arlotta Food Studio for a guest appearance. They are bringing delightful their olive oils, tapenades, and vinegars.

Had a meat-intense winter? Try lightening up this weekend with some fish. The Upstate Table likes to bake Pura Vida's sea bass in salt, which they mix with egg whites so the skin comes off easier. Try it and let us know how it goes.

Don't forget your food scraps! We start collecting tomorrow, thanks to the Hastings Conservation Committee.  Bring bones, dairy, paper towels, etc. Committee members will be on hand with starter kits and to answer any questions.

See you at the market!

MG Markets