March 17th Market News

Dear Shoppers,

Have you missed your fresh chevre log from Painted Goat? Despair no more for they make their season return tomorrow at the market. In addition to the fresh chevre they will  also have feta in brine, cajeta (goat milk caramel,) goat milk soap, and chocolate goat cheese truffles. Sadly the kids aren't coming but at least we have this picture of them.  Aren't they adorable?!

Use the Painted Goat feta in these festive spinach rolls for St. Patrick's Day along with freshly picked spinach from Sun Sprout Farms. Make sure you grab his greens early-they sold out by 11am at the last market. You can also pick up a head of cabbage for a traditional Irish dish like Darina Allen's Irish bacon with cabbage and parsley sauce. Why get your cabbage from the market? Because, as Darina notes, "all good food starts with really good produce grown in good, fertile soil.” And the black dirt region where Sun Sprout Farm is some of the best soil in New York.

You know what contributes to good soil? Compost! We are thrilled to announce that we will be accepting food scraps for composting at our outdoor markets beginning in April. The Hastings Conservation Committee is spearheading this effort and will be on hand tomorrow with more information and to answer questions. We will send out a detailed announcement before our April market. Please do not bring scraps tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Gleaning Day - the one day a month that we ask customers to buy something extra to donate to the Hastings Food Pantry. Please remember that some of our neighbors are hungry and cannot afford fresh fruits and veggies for their children. That's where you come in. Please buy some extra greens or carrots and drop it in the "gleaning" basket by the market table on your way out. Many thanks!

See you at the market!

MG Markets