June 9th Market News

Thank you to everyone who celebrated our 20th Anniversary with us. Even the New York Times came to the party! Tomorrow we are continuing our new vendor introductions and welcoming back some our our oldies (but goodies!) Keep an eye out for:

Sweet Hearth Bake Shop makes gluten-free desserts that are as delicious as they are beautiful, using seasonal fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Her creations are often made with unexpected ingredients that delight the taste buds and the waistline! Try her grain-free granola made with seasonal vegetables or brownies made with a cauliflower puree.

Treadlight Farm will bring us specialty cut flowers and ornamental plants which they grow on south-facing slopes in the western Catskill mountains. This summer, at the HFM. they will be selling flower stems, branches and foliage in bunches as well as painterly mixed bouquets.  They specialize in hard-to-find varieties of plants "that bring a visual spectacle to any space."

Deer Creek Collective, also of the Catskill Mountains, crafts herbal infusions, offering teas packed with nutrients, delicious flavors, and the medicinal merits of herbs. Their tees can be served hot or cold or mixed into refreshing drinks. The tea blends come in flavors like Sooth and Uplift, made with tulsi and anise hyssop.

The Carbon Chocolate Workshop is stopping by with chocolates and chocolate-inspired delicacies like frozen hot chocolate and s'more sandwiches. All of their chocolate is stone ground in-house and made with ethically-sourced cacao.

Found Herbal has mixed up new batches of her all-natural bug spray utilizing non-toxic, plant-based ingredients like cedar oil to repel ticks, mosquitoes, and other summer critters.

Mariachi Mexico is making their long-awaited return tomorrow with farm-to-table Mexican tacos, quesadillas, and agua frescas. They use local, seasonal vegetables along with fresh-corn tortillas from Tortilleria Nixatamal.

All that and more tomorrow! See you at the market!

MG Markets