March 16th Market news

Whether you're Irish, Irish-adjacent, or just appreciate a loaf of well made soda bread, this is your weekend! Wave Hill Breads is honoring St. Patrick's Day with a traditionally-made Irish soda bread, replete with whiskey-soaked raisins. They are only bringing a dozen or so loaves, so get to the Market early to grab yours!

Have you been pining for a bag of Big Bang's Dark Matter? Pine no longer for they are making a special guest appearance tomorrow. Dutch Coffee Co. is away at a wedding and Big Bang kindly agreed to step in to make sure our shoppers are sufficiently caffeinated! 
Looking for something to cook, something to send winter-off with a bang? Try this hearty Guinness Pie from Martha Stewart. Pick up your bacon and beef from Southtown Farms and the fingerling potatoes from Black Creek

On the subject of meat, tomorrow is gleaning. While we welcome all donations of fresh food, we want to highlight the opportunity to donate protein. Many shoppers donate a few dollars at the Market tent so that we can purchase ground meat or chicken cuts for the Food Pantry. A few dollars from 5 people, coupled with the farms' generosity, allows us to purchase a good amount of protein for our food insecure neighbors. This is a great option if it's late in the day when vegetable supplies have dwindled. Thanks for giving! 

See you at the market!

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