April 6th Market News

Planning to make lamb for Passover, Easter, or Sunday supper? Wil Hi Farm from Tivoli is making their market return tomorrow with fresh lamb-racks for grilling, legs for roasting, ground meat for pies, and more. Busting open the grill tomorrow? (It's going to be 68 degrees!) pick up a rack and try this recipe.  If lamb isn't your thing, you'll still find a special treat under their tent in the form of goat milk soaps. Heidi, the co-owner, handcrafts the bars using simple, pure ingredients for even the most sensitive of skins.

Can't have sensitive skin in the olive groves of Kontoulis' Greek farm. With the sun beating down on you and hours picking olives off scraggly branches, you're bound to walk away from the harvest with a burn or scratch. Demetra and her family went last winter and the first batch of oil from that harvest has finally been pressed and is available at the Market. Can't wait!
Tomorrow the Be YourSelf Club from Hillside will visit the Market. BYC is an after school club created by kids for kids to freely express themselves in their community through creative collaboration, and fostering something bigger than themselves. This session the kids decided to fundraise for climate change, environmental health for animals and humans, and saving endangered species.  To that end, they will be selling two different t-shirts, designed by the kids themselves, in adult and kid sizes.  All proceeds will go to the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation Unfortunately Leo was unavailable for a guest appearance. Maybe next time...

See you at the market!

Have an item that needs to be fixed? Head to the  Hastings Repair Cafe to fix it with help from volunteer repair coaches!  Our very own Matt the Knife Sharpener will be on hand next week to help folks with their sharpening needs. We're so excited this project has come to Hastings!

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