May 18th Market News

It's hard to imagine enjoying rhubarb without strawberries. And yet...rhubarb has been showing up solo and early to the market party so far. Two weeks ago, I saw someone eye the rhubarb at the Orchards of Concklin tent and instinctively scan the table for strawberries. When he didn't see any, he passed on the rhubarb. What a shame!

Rhubarb is the Cher of spring market offerings. It can do just fine on its own (Sonny, who?), thank you very much. Don't believe me? put together this list of absolutely wonderful things you can do with rhubarb (without strawberries) from syrup for cocktails to ice pops and crumbles. Shy about cooking with what looks like pink celery?  Check out this primer on all things rhubarb. (The primer also includes tips on how to freeze rhubarb for the traditionalists among you want to save it for when the strawberries come in.) And if you really find yourself in a fix for strawberry-rhubarb something, head to Pie Lady & Son for their pie...strawberry rhubarb of course! 
It's so nice to be back outside where we can spread out a little bit. There's even enough space for the Knife Sharpener, who will join us tomorrow for the first time since December. Your knives must be dull from all of those winter and spring holiday feasts. Remember Matt not only sharpens knives, but also lawn mowers, gardening shears, and all other manner of blades. 

Got hooked on beautiful flowers? Sprig is no longer joining us, but one of her sources for local flowers, Treadlight Farm, is! The usually join us in June at the opening of the summer market season, but this year their harvest was early and plentiful. Lucky us!

Lastly, tomorrow is "gleaning day" at the Market, when customers purchase fresh produce which we donate to the Food Pantry. If you prefer to give cash we will gladly accept it — this allows us to buy protein to donate. 

See you at the market! 

p.s. Please note tomorrow is our last"winter" market, meaning we are still on a twice monthly schedule. We come back  June 1st for our weekly market, with longer hours and our full roster of vendors. 

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