July 6th Market News

Congratulations are in order to our newest farm, Stoneberry, for achieving certified organic status. Hunter and Connor, both from South Salem, grow on a few acres of Katonah farmland that fell out of use. They have been working hard all year to get the farm back up and running, and organic certification was on top of their list. They take great pride in growing beautiful food that is good for you and the planet. Help them celebrate by picking up some of their slender fairytale eggplants. Not sure what to do with it? Try this this recipe for baba ganoush.

MOMO has grown so successful with that they can only manage to make it to Market once a month. Stock the pantry this Saturday—pick up their delicious sesame salad dressing (perfect on Wrights Farm hydroponic lettuce heads) and don’t forget the edamame hummus. Slice up some carrots, fennell, and parboiled new potatoes from the Market to serve with the dip. Even the finickiest of eaters will be won over.

Looking for an interesting summer cocktail or even mocktail? Head to North Winds Lavender Farm for her lavender syrup. Use that as a base for this lavender-forward mocktail from mixologist Gregory Best. Want to make it alcoholic? Just add your favorite gin or vodka. 

See you at the market!

Fer Franco