July 13th Market News

What makes summer’s oppressive humidity bearable is knowing that summer also brings some of our favorite fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes. More pints and varieties are lining Market tables—Morgiewicz, Concklins, & Sun Sprout all have them now. Try the heirloom varieties at Morgiewicz in this panzanella recipe from the New York Times. We tried it with toasted focaccia from Wave Hill, red onions from Morgiewicz, fresh mozzarella from diRiso, and herbs from Sun Sprout Farm. 

Wil-Hi Farm makes their monthly visit with coolers of lamb chops, merguez sausage, and their fragrant goat’s milk soaps. In honor of Bastille Day, do what the French do-throw Merguez sausages on the grill! Add an all-American twist. 

Have a few more holes to fill in your edible garden? This Saturday will be Homegrown Nurseries second-to-last visit. Even if your beds are all full, stop by with any edible landscape questions—Nick is an instructor at the NYBG, works in Lyndhusrt’s gardens and is an edible landscaper for private gardens throughout Westchester. He’s also a lovely human being and is happy to talk and share his knowledge.

Don’t forget to bring the kids for Story Hour & a Scribble Art Workshop.

See you at the Market!

Fer Franco