September 14th, 2019

Eileen Russell, the woodworker behind American Bow Knife visits tomorrow with her handcrafted, functional wood products. Her blades encased in wooden masterpieces are a sight to behold! We know the gift-giving December holidays are too far away to even consider, but if you have a home chef in your life, grab a one-of-a kind mezzaluna or bowknife and stash it in the closet until then. Her mezzalunas are also great for the littlest chefs in your life. The curved handle and blade are the perfect size for small hands and help children control their chop. All of her creations are handmade from solid hardwood and each piece has its own unique characteristics — knots, blemishes, scars, age rings and discolorations.

Kimchi Culture visits tomorrow, bringing prepared meats and scallion pancakes that you can stock the freezer with. The beef bulgogi and kalbi just need to be thawed, pan-cooked for 10 minutes or so, and served over rice. Add a salad or roasted veggies and you have yourself easy, weeknight dinners that you can feel good about giving to your family. And while her scallion pancakes aren’t grilled at the Market, they taste just as delicious at home. Try them for a quick morning meal dolloped with applesauce, kimchi, or avocado. Oh and they’ll have authentic kimchi, of course! Sunny’s kimchi is made with local ingredients using generations-old family recipes. Pick up a jar now during the start of cold-season to supercharge your immune system!

Sun Sprout’s tomato harvest has finally yielded enough tomatoes for his famous heirloom tomato pureé. We love this sauce in lieu of store-brought pureés or pastes — nothing can compare to the flavor of heirloom, organic tomatoes grown in the Black Dirt region of the Hudson Valley without the use of pesticides or other toxins. and picked at the height of their ripeness, Swap out your supermarket can or tube for this jar. We promise you won’t regret it!

We love that our shoppers can hop off the Aqueduct after their dog walk and head to the Market. And while we go gaga over how cute our furry Market friends are, lately we have also had to intervene when one of these adorable canines gets too excited or aggressive. Shoppers, if you are bringing your dog to the Market, please be mindful of their temperament with other dogs, children, and in large crowds. If your dog cannot handle any of these, please leave them at home. And if they can handle it, please be vigilant about where they decide to lift their leg. One territory-marking can destroy hundreds of dollars of produce. We are grateful for your help in making our Market enjoyable for all of our friends, no matter how many legs they walk on!

Looking for weekend activities with a fall flair? The Orchards of Concklin and Wrights Farm are open for “Pick-Your-Own” apples. Concklin’s is 30 minutes away in Pomona, NY and is open Saturdays and Sundays from 11-5. Kids under 3 are free— everyone else pays $11 each for a ½ peck bag. Poles are available to rent for those hard-to-get ones. Wrights is a bit farther but open daily from 8-4:30. Friday afternoons are a great time to visit before the weekend rush! Harlem Valley Homestead is participating in the Harlem Valley Food & Farm Alliance Farm Day on October 6th. There will be hay rides, farm tours, good food, and more!

Fer Franco