Sweptember 7th, 2019

It’s hard to find time to cook, especially once fall arrives. Whether you have kids or not, the start of the school year always seems busier, which means there is less time to cook. These days busy folks have options- yes you can order takeout, but you can also choose from dozens of meal-kit delivery services, prepared food from grocery delivery apps, and even frozen meals from the Market. And while we understand how hectic life gets, we want to inspire our community to cook more, to connect with their food more. From this desire, our newest program has sprung.

We have partnered with Irvington’s Julie Fischer of Healthy on Hudson to bring cooking demonstrations to the Market twice a month. Julie isn’t a chef- she’s a health coach, among other things. After her 2nd child was born, she was diagnosed with MS. It was this diagnosis that spurred her journey towards healthy living after decades of yo-yo dieting. She now manages her MS symptoms through diet and exercise.

We became acquainted with Julie the way most people become acquainted nowadays- via Instagram! She would always post meals that she made with Market ingredients and we were struck by her commitment to seasonally-inspired cooking with local ingredients. We were also attracted to her background—she’s not a trained chef. In addition to her health coach business, Julie is a wife and a mom and cooks meals that her whole family can enjoy. We knew she could connect with lots of our shoppers and inspire news ones with her simple approach and down-to-earth personality.

For the rest of the season Julie will visit us twice a month and cook up something delicious made with Market Ingredients. She’ll pass out samples, demonstrate cooking techniques, and hand out recipe cards. This Saturday she is whipping up nectarine zoodles with pesto. Stop by to watch her spiralize the zucchini, grab a taste, and learn more about her and her story!

You wouldn’t know it by their big stall sign with the cow and advertisement for pasture-raised beef, but Homestead Valley Farm also grows mushrooms. They’ve started off small this year, and mainly have oyster mushrooms, though next year their production will expand to different varieties. If you’re not a mushroom convert yet, you should be. Try swapping out a meat protein with mushrooms for one meal a week. Your body will thank you! Try this simple sauté over rice.

Manzi & May perform in the Music Tent.

See you at the Market!

Fer Franco