Strawberry tart & Spatchcock Chicken

dear shoppers, Whether packing a pie, macerated in wine or stacked in a shortcake, strawberries rarely disappoint. Buy plenty at the market this month because it'll be peach season before you know it and you'll be wishing you'd eaten more of these sweet, conical berries that once grew weed-wild here and abroad and are a distant cousin to the rose.

I plan on making a strawberry tart before June slips away from all of us.

This one from in fact because I like that there is a touch of citrus in the pastry cream...



Champagne Kombucha TEA returns this Saturday. They may be late to the party but their fermented tea is effervescent as ever. This just might be the perfect (and perfectly legal) "bubbly" beverage for a high school graduation party.


The Knife Sharpener is back NEXT week (Third Saturday, Third Saturday, Third Saturday) as is Larchmont Charcuterie who is now on a twice a month schedule.

This week, there is a bit of cross-pollination going on between the flower tent and the music tent. I am happy to say that the jazzy Luke "fleet-fingered flower farmer" Franco TRIO will be performing from 10:15 to 12:15. Joining him is Hastings' own Tim Armacost on tenor saxophone and Don Falzone on bass.

Worry not, Bee Ayer will be pushing petals per usual at the Tiny Hearts stand!

And have you seen these Marimekko-like poppies at the Tiny Hearts stand? Crazy beautiful.



Southtown Farms is having a special on ground pork and ham roasts and he now is bringing spatchcock chicken. Letterbox Farm Collective is also here this Saturday with their whole chickens and pork, their heirloom greens and their RHUBARB SODA & SWITCHEL.


See you at the market!