Rosy Rhubarb and Ruby Reilly -- together again at the Hastings Farmer's Market

dear shoppers, Ok. Now the market season can really begin. Taliaferro Farms is back tomorrow. Our beloved organic produce vendors who have been with us for seven years (or is it eight now?).

They always turn up a little late because they farm in the fields, not in greenhouses...

Over the next few weeks you can watch their stall grow, and grow and GROW. When they start bringing their wooden crates of dark green watermelon, you'll know their season is in full swing.

It makes me so happy to know that they will back at their regular spot - across from Bread Alone, every Saturday, from now until Nov. 21st.

What else makes me happy about tomorrow's market? Kids' YOGA returns, at 9:30 a.m. on the grassy patch near Village Hall. That...and RHUBARB. Plenty of it.

It's hard to say which time of year is my favorite at the farmer's market - in terms of what's available in the fruit and produce bins.

But there is something pretty special about the strawberries and rhubarb showing up at the party at the exact same time in their varying shades of red, from ruby to cheek-blush pink.

Though one is tart and leggy and the other sweet and squat, they make quite a pair. And with that kind of chemistry, how can you not throw them into a pie?


There are so many ways to enjoy rhubarb on her own. (succulent strawberries need no p.r. campaign).

Don't believe me? Check out these wonderfully creative rhubarb recipes from You'll note there isn't a strawberry/rhubarb pie among them.


I love their idea of making a rhubarb syrup and using it as a base for everything from a gin cocktail (yes!) to a rhubarb float -- particularly one made with Penny Lick's vanilla bean ice cream. (incidentally - they are taking a day off this week).

I also like their idea of roasting rhubarb with beets (Morgiewicz will have their first of the season!) and layering them with goat cheese atop of a bouncy frisee salad. This and a slice of miche bread from Bien Cuit and I'm in simple pleasures heaven.

Here's a simple way to roast beets and rhubarb, courtesy of







Soundtrack? Ruby Reilly, of course, back for the summer from Oberlin and returning to the market to play her ukelele and visit old friends.

Our honey folks are back.

Should be a sweet, sweet day at the market.

See you at the market!