A "snappier" apple, quick and dirty Aloo Gobi and the Knife Sharpener returns...

dear shoppers, SnapDragon apples on a tree.There's a new apple in town and everyone is talking about its "monster crunch."

Introducing the sweet and snappy Snapdragon apple which you can find in short supply at the Orchards of Concklin tent.

Fifteen years in the making, the Snapdragon, which boasts a rosy red skin, was developed by Cornell University researcher Susan Brown. Her mission: to create a New York State apple with an extra-crispy texture and a sweet, juicy taste.  Cornell released the apple in 2013 in collaboration with a newly formed group called New York Apple Growers. In exchange for the exclusive rights to grow this new apple variety and thereby control its distribution,  this "club" of  apple growers (145 growers who make up about 60 percent of the state's apple production) pay Cornell a "licensing fee" and royalties. This is to ensure that the Snapdragon (which counts the uber-popular Honey Crisp as a parent) will not be overproduced and eventually flood the market, as the Empire apple did over 30 years ago.

Cornell also pledges to use the royalties to support its apple research through its agricultural experiment station at Geneva, New York.

It will take a few more years for the supply of Snapdragons, to become more widely available.

Is your carving knife ready for pumpkin carving?

The knife sharpener is here. He won't be back until Nov. 21st...

Gluten-free shoppers will have lots to look forward to this Saturday: Chez Hedwige is back with their gluten-free breads including a tangy basil garlic bread  that is completely wheat-free.

And, Little Bird Cookie Co. is premiering a gluten-free version of their ever-popular Mexican  Hot Chocolate cookie.

Just as tomatoes are being eclipsed by winter squash City Saucery rides in  with their jarred sauces made with local heirloom tomatoes - summer preserved.

image-56Calcutta Kitchens hasn't been able to make it to market in a long while but chef  Aditi herself   is here this Saturday armed with her Indian simmer sauces and seasonings...perfect for making aloo gobi. Seriously, with her vegetarian seasoning, the dish couldn't be any easier to prepare: You'll need one medium cauliflower head and one or two baking potatoes, chopped, one teaspoon of Aditi's seasoning and  2 tbsp. of olive oil.  Roast the florets and potatoes drizzled in oil and peppered with seasoning at 400 degrees F for about 12 min. That's it!

If you want a more elaborate version of this popular Indian dish check out thekitchenpaper.com's  version.

image-55Happy Belly Baby is here with her baby food made entirely with local produce and fruit.





See you at the market!