Coco Cooks..pumpkins...the dumpling man is back and so is Ruby Reilly

dear shoppers, Coco Zordan will be back on the market plaza tomorrow offering  copious samples of her simply delicious (literally) market to table (literally), like creamy pumpkin soup and sauteed cabbage with cured duck as well as braised greens with barley and sesame seeds.

She makes it all look so effortless and, as Coco will tell you, with the right market ingredients, it is! Make sure to stop by her tent for some healthy inspiration and some nourishment too.

The Asian Farmer is also back with more of his pork and vegetarian dumplings - all made with local ingredients. Talk about an easy midweek meal...

Most of us have good intentions when it comes to carving pumpkins. We'll be super creative in our design, and then we'll save the flesh and seeds for cooking.

Ha! At my house we carve our pumpkins very, er,  enthusiastically over newspaper in assembly line fashion. The pumpkin innards that remain are anything but appetizing.

So, I've learned, I buy a small sugar pumpkin that I don't carve but that I turn into puree instead. It keeps for a week in the fridge or up to three months in the freezer and I use i for anything from soups to pies to quick breads.

Here's a step by step instruction on how to make your own pumpkin puree courtesy of Alton Brown.

Once you've got your puree you can use it for anything from soups to pies to quickbreads.

Here is a fantastic recipe for roasted pumpkin soup with bacon from

The perfect belly-warmer after an afternoon spent raking leaves. The parsley croutons are optional of course, but they make the soup fancy enough for company (Thanksgiving?).

Pick up a couple sugar pumpkins from Morgiewicz this week and give this recipe  recipe a try.


Wildseed Apothecary is at market on Saturday with her new Autumn Wellness Shares Says herbalist Erin Domagal: "Autumn is the season of harvest, reflection, and gratitude, and with that comes the need to feed our lungs and large intestine."  The shares contain herbal tonics and remedies to support your body through the common ailments of the season and to strengthen your lungs and immune system.


See you at the market!