"Autumn Pie" Contest at the market tomorrow!

Bring your pies to the market tent no later than 10 a.m.Filling must be made with fruit, gourds, rhizomes, veggies etc. that are harvested in the fall IN NEW YORK. Sorry - no "50/50" pies allowed - you must make your own crust. As always, pies that come with a story get bonus points. There will be two divisions for kids and adults and group efforts ARE encouraged!

Swing by the market for a slice of Mayberry...shoppers can taste the entries once the judges have made their decision.

Should be a crazy busy day at the market: Hummingbird Ranch, Kontoulis Olive Oil, will all be paying us a visit so space will be tight which should help keep us warm. The hot tea and cider donuts with quince jam from Honey Locust Farmhouse should also do wonders for these chilly temps. Guyank Brand Hot Sauce was supposed to come tomorrow, but they are coming next Saturday instead...one more week of waiting for that mango pepper sauce!

Taliaferro Farms has started selling their flavorful and tender, organic kale already cleaned and trimmed in small bags. I've been throwing it in soups, salads, sandwiches and egg dishes all week. Kale this easy? What's not to love? Chatham Brewery has a new pumpkin hard cider that is FANTASTIC (and would taste great with kale chips).

If you can't make bake for tomorrow's contest...consider entering the "anything apple" contest at the Irvington Farmers Market next Wednesday. Check out the rules at www.irvingtonfarmersmarket.net


Music tomorrow by The Levins - it's their first time at the market, please give them a warm Hastings welcome.