The Kid-size HFM T-shirts are finally in and so are last week's pie contest results

Hastings resident Mary-Ann Kingston is having a pretty good week.Last Saturday, she took first place at our annual Hastings Farmers Market pie contest - AGAIN. Her Pear Ginger Maple Pecan pie really captured our judges' hearts and our "autumn" theme, a departure from our traditional apple. She had wanted to bake a black walnut pie, she said, but wasn't able to forage any black walnuts on the Aqueduct Trail this year. If you've been lucky to see Mary-Ann's "farmlet" at the Community Gardens, then you know that Mary-Ann is quite the forager and gardener. Since she wasn't able to stay for the results last Saturday, she dropped by the Irvington Farmers Market on Wednesday to collect her pie pan and prize (a lovely Kim Sava apron). I casually mentioned that we were having an "anything apple" baking contest in Irvington that day, so it would be best if she came on the early side. Wouldn't you know it, she showed up with a pan of Apple Pecan Pudding that she had just whipped up after work "because I didn't want to show up empty handed." Wouldn't you know it, her pudding took first place in Irvington, too. It goes without saying that we hope Mary-Ann Kingston will be a judge rather than a contestant next year. Thanks to this year's judges: Mayor Swiderski, Andre Bernard, past winner Lori Walsh and new Hastings resident (and resident foodie) Jenny Dirksen.

Here is the story she submitted with her pie in Hastings last week. It should help explain why her pies are so darn delicious.

"Times certainly have changed. When I was a student at the University of Michigan, my best girlfriend, Katy Clark and I had pie-baking contests in our free time. Our friends, mostly male, were the judges. Katy maintained that the best way to roll out a pie crust was on a floured board; I favored rolling it out between two sheets of waxed paper.  I liked this method because no extra flour was incorporated into the dough, thereby altering its consistency.  To this day, I still use this method. Katy and I baked all sorts of pies: apple, pumpkin, strawberry-rhubarb, and custard. In fact, I still have her recipe for a lemon pie that uses peeled segments of lemon rather than lemon pudding or curd. Sometimes my pies won the approval of our judges. Sometimes Katy won. Our male friends loved our competition and willingly consumed our pies, preventing Katy and me from gaining weight." Her recipe was adapted from recipes she found in "The Farm Journal's Complete Pie Cookbook," and
Her  streusel topping was from "The Joy of Cooking." We will be posting it on the website next week. David Di Bari's caramelized Honey Crisp Apple "pizza pie" with pumpkin crumble won for "most original" pie and the mom & daughter team (Marisa Silverstein baked, Nina Silverstein, 11, wrote the accompanying pie poem) won for best piece of pie prose. Here is her poem:


the crust

is like

a large

dried up

maple leaf

that falls

to the


in the


of October



yet a beautiful

cinnamon brown


the crust


the apples

in a

cuddly hug


the apples,

freshly picked,

looked like

little ruby



from a

jewelry holder

on the

apple tree



the warm

apple pie


just like


a cup


hot chocolate

on a

cold, winter day


the pie

is coated

with stars,

that sparkle

in the





First Bite

is cut,

and scooped

and eaten


And it is



just like

a delightful


should be




Tomorrow: Cowberry Crossing will be at the market. So will Clean Ridge Soap Co. Bacon (as in Mtn. Smokehouse)  returns from a bri ef hiatus.

Music will be provided by the Luke Franco Jazz Trio- it's their first time at the market, please make them feel welcome!