only four more "summer" season markets before the big storm!

Tomorrow we will be welcoming guest vendor Gaia's Breath Farm. This Demeter-certified organic farm is located between the Catskills and the Adirondacks...The raise happy Heritage Breed large Black pigs and will be bringing thick pork chops, roasts, shanks and sausage made with roasted garlic and spring rabe. Given the forecast, maybe this is an osso bucco weekend.Gaia's also carries delicious sheep's milk cheeses. They will have real French La Ratte potatoes and Jaspee Vendee squash. These golden yellow, netted, round, 3-4 lb fruit have some of the most delicious flesh in the squash family. rginally from Vendee, France, they are very sweet and rich, and the perfect size for two servings. Please give Tara, a familiar face at the  Irvington Farmers Market, a warm Hastings welcome.

Coach Farms had mechanical difficulties last week, but they are back tomorrow. I don't know about you, but I really missed my goat log this week.

The knife sharpener will be here so don't forget to bring your knives, scissors, etc.

Our music is Greetings From Anywhere (yay!).

Thanks to all of you who took the survey last week!