bye bye sunflowers, hello fennel! oh and don't forget your used bikes for our third annual bike drive!

Alas, Grammy's Gardens has left us for the season...time to turn our thoughts from summer blooms to stews and legumes.Speaking of legumes...did you know that Honey Locust Farmhouse is a distributor for Cayuga Pure Organics? You may not see them in a basket, hidden behind those beautiful seckel pears and that industrial hot cider cart...but she carries this much sought-after producer's black beans, pinto beans and popcorn. She also, on occasion, carries their farro and polenta, too. Make sure to check it out - you can't get them anywhere else in Westchester.

Among other things you may have also missed: Pika's Quiches is now selling crisp authentic Belgian waffles (due to a staffing issue, they won't be here tomorrow, but try them next week!); Concklins is having a resurgence in strawberries; they've only had a few dozen baskets each market, but they are surprisingly sweeter and smaller  than they were in the spring. Fork & Glass has added savory crepes filled with pears and gorgonzola to their repertoire...

Both the pizza and crepes folks had committed to participating in their Ferry Festa. So you can get crepes and Dough Nation pizza tomorrow, you'll just have to go to Dobbs. Other options include tacos and crepes from Fork & Glass, burritos and prepared salads from True Food, or those killer lox and cucumber sandwiches on coarse rye bread at The Station Cafe.

Sophie Moregiewicz just called - the broccoli and fennel are in! "I just saw them in the crate," says Sophie, "they're pretty and white as can be."

Curt Appel will once again be collecting used bikes to donate to needy children in Brooklyn. Please, please go right to your garage or basement and dig up any bike that your are no longer using and that will surely collect rust. The bikes will be refurbished by Danny's Cycles before being donated. KNIFE SHARPENER IS HERE TOMORROW

This week's music will be Acoustic Riverrun.

Remember: our pie contest is slated for October 13th.  This year's theme is Autumn Pie - so you can break free from the shackles of Mom's traditional apple... Go wild! No need to pre-register, just bring your pie to market tent on October 13th before 10 a.m.