Caramel Sauce, Pickles & the Palisades - what's not to love?

april 2, 2016 Tomorrow we return to the Library Lot where we will stay from now until late November. We are still on the winter schedule (only two markets a month - open 9 am. to 1 p.m.) but we are outside where  we can stretch our tent legs and take in the mighty Hudson. Tomorrow, Doc Pickles returns to the market for the remainder of the season as does Painted Goat Farm with their fresh chevre, Feta and chocolate goat cheese truffles...

The Ardent Homesteader is visiting us from Arden, NY. Kristin Nelson (the AH herself) makes a salty caramel sauce that, in small batches with all natural ingredients, that, when heated, will make you, well, giddy. Run don't walk to the Pie Lady & Son stand or the Sohha Yogurt stand for a reason to drizzle.  Apples also work, if you're trying to be good.

If that's the case, then look away from this picture of the homesteader's off the hook brownies.

Hudson Valley Duck cannot be here tomorrow. You don't think the HFM would leave you duck-less, do you? Larchmont Charcuterie is bringing some of his smoked duck magret de canard - always standout a top a bed of frilly greens with a side of rosemary white beans.Calcutta Kitchens is here as well with their simmer sauces and spices - just in time for a fleeting bout of chilly weather. As is Kaffee Klatch NYC - streudel, dense yet pillowy rye bread and more Austrian baked goods from the always smiling Christiane. Our "Crepe Guy", Alex, is in France this week, er, perfecting his technique.

Some moms on 10706parents have been raving about the kale pesto from White Pine Community Farm table. Apparently - their kids love it on pasta and just about anything. (gotta love Hastings).

Southtown Farms (and I) are happy to report that there will be plenty of EGGS at the market tomorrow. Crates and crates full in fact. No need to rush down to score a dozen.

I might crack a few over this Smittenkitchen recipe  for mushrooms on wilted greens and toast...just for the hay of it. A shopper asked me if there would be rhubarb at the market tomorrow. A tad early, but should be here next market, April 16th. So - start thinking about recipes for "pie plant."

Our remaining winter dates are: April 16 May 14 May 28 We resume on a weekly schedule on June 4th when ALL of our vendors will be in place...including some exciting new ones we can't wait to tell you about when we get closer...

See you at the market!