RAMP it up

When I asked Conor Crickmore of Neversink Farm if they, by chance, would be bringing ramps this weekend he replied:"Enough to choke a horse." Farmer speak, I guess, for better dig out all your favorite ramp recipes because there should be plenty to go around on Saturday. (Unlike the "secret" ramp patches in the Hastings woods which have dwindled dramatically over the last three years as word has gotten out.)
I say buy your ramps from Neversink this year and give our Hastings ramps a chance to grow back...
Inline image 1
I am a purist when it comes to ramps, also known as wild leeks.
Like white truffles, they are so flavorful on their own, they need very little attention in the kitchen (other than a good clean). Just wilt and serve. They make a lovely accent to pasta and egg dishes as in this David Tanis recipe  for simply perfect ramps and fried eggs. If you find your self with extra - by all means -make pesto.

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Please give a warm welcome to Simon Ziegler of Sun Sprout Farm who was supposed to join us in June, but is coming to us a tad early because things, they are a growin' in the rich, black dirt of Chester, NY where he is farming - his own farm -  after managing an organic CT farm for several years.
Simon will be replacing MX Morningstar who will not be returning to farmers markets this year. Lest you be concerned, Max gave Simon the big green thumb of approval.
City Saucery is back this week with their nonna-style jarred sauces made with organic, heirloom tomatoes.  Also visiting this week: Luxx Chocolat -
La Petite Occasion is bringing honey goat cheese caramels. And, of course, Painted Goat is back for good now. Hard to get through winter without their feta. (First world problems, I know).
This is the week we "glean" at the market for the needy families in Hastings who could use our help. Buying a bag of bok choy from D & J? Pick up an extra bag to put in our gleaning basket at the market tent. You have no idea how much these families appreciate these gorgeous market greens, fresh fruit and other market goodies. Every little bit helps...
Brian Vegh will be serenading us with his violin tomorrow. Should be a lovely day.
See you at the market!