Cool jazz, dog fish & Dan Barber

dear shoppers, I had the pleasure of listening to Ira Glass interview Dan Barber this week at the 92nd St. Y about Barber's new book "The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food."

Much of the conversation centered around the need for creating a new way of eating that would improve the quality of our soil, and hence of our food supply- both from a nutritional and taste standpoint.  Barber said we need to train our palates to appreciate the lesser known crops that actually feed and enhance the soil (barley, rye and the lesser known greens). Asparagus is lovely - but it is not a sustainable crop.

He also encouraged a "nose to tail" approach to eating meat: diving into the lesser known cuts such as pork shoulder rather than always going for the sexier chops and loin. He said chefs have a tremendous responsibility to guide us in this mission - but really, so does any one who shops at the farmer's market.

Barber said the nose to tail mentality also applies to fish and that we should shy away form the usual suspects (tuna, salmon, swordfish) and discover the pleasures of lesser known fish. As it so happens, Pura Vida Fishery is bringing lots of sand shark this week - also known as dog fish. Nice on the is squid which will also be plentiful.

We hope you have noticed that the fish line has gotten a bit shorter now that high schooler Sofia Zordan is assisting Paul in the fish tent.

That said, tomorrow would be a good day to do get stuck in the fish line as we have two very special music sets for you.

The RiverArts Jazz Ensemble - 7 students from Hasting and Dobbs Ferry High Schools - will perform from 9:15 to 10 a.m. Under the leadership of jazz artist/educator Ron Vincent and pianist/composer/arranger Nancy Kennedy, the ensemble has learned the music of Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Wayne Shorter and are using this music springboard for some pretty funky jazz, Latin, funk and pop improvisations.

They will be followed by Ruby Reilly (& her ukelele) - from 10:30 to 12:30 - always a treat. Ruby is back from her first year at Oberlin with a stack of new songs.

Rich Brownies is here this week & so is Honey Locust Farmhouse. NEXT WEEK: Saratoga Crackers & The Knife Sharpener...

For more on Dan Barber's new book, check out this NYT link.

Here's a squid recipe that requires lots of spices. Thank goodness Spice Revolution is in the house!

See you at the market!