Pigs Feet, Paul Revere & the Knife Sharpener

...all at the Hastings Farmer's Market tomorrow! You can find the pig's feet at the Roaming Angus tent - where farmer Andrew King doesn't just "talk" about "nose to tail" eating.

Paul Revere, or at least a replica of his bust, will be on display at the market along with a Abigail Adams and a host of other famous figures from our Colonial past. The papier mache busts were created by fourth graders at Hillside Elementary who have been steeped in the early colonies the past few weeks.

Make sure you stop to admire the kids' historic handiwork before you dive into the produce bins which are beginning to fill out now that the warm weather is here to stay.

Morgiewicz Produce has CARROTS - finally, and beets and sugar snap peas, too.

I've already got my kitchen mandoline blade packed for the knife sharpener  tomorrow, along with my pruning shears which need a little TLC after pruning my winter-weary hydrangeas.

Speaking of gardening... I hope some of you are taking advantage of the fact that we have some serious gardening experts at the market every week under the Cornell Cooperative Extension tent ready to answer any of your questions or help identify a pest or a disease.

Saratoga Cracker Co. is back this week (remember: they come only once a month so shop accordingly). Ditto for our favorite chutney producers - Bombay Emerald Chutney Co. and Clean Ridge Soap Co. - great for last minute teacher/bus driver/babysitter/violin teacher gifts etc.

Greetings from Anywhere will be performing from10:30 to 12:30 - always a good time.

Also: a reminder that we are continuing with our GLEAN on ME project at the market. Basically, every third Saturday of the month, we will  have baskets in front of the market where shoppers can drop a head of lettuce, a pound of apples or carrots, or any other market item,  for the Hastings food pantry.  The market already donates 12 dozen eggs to the pantry every single week, so we are covered on eggs. Please donate what you can.

Tomorrow, we will also be sharing information about the "doorknob dinner project," a Family to Family effort to bring complete dinners (a recipe and all the ingredients required to prepare it) literally to the doorstep of needy families in town. Come to the market tent to find out more.

And, come to the market hungry: Brooklyn Bean is making a mean breakfast burrito and a lunch wrap made with their tangy white beans, grilled romaine lettuce, shredded Parmesan cheese, pickled red onion and Caesar dressing

Regretfully, Tiny Hearts will be missing the market tomorrow...They have been tapped to prepare the flowers for the wedding of Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney -  the first same-sex wedding in the NY Senate. Martha Stewart will be attending...I can only imagine what she will think of those Tiny Hearts bouquets. Very proud of Luke and Jenny for being plucked for this great opportunity.

Meanwhile, if you need flowers, head to the Neversink Farm tent...their cut flowers are off the hook this year.

Here's a fun recipe for strawberry basil pops from Irvington food blogger Meredith Keltz. How cool is this: the recipe calls for local strawberries and basil and Sohha yogurt.So you can get ALL of your ingredients at the market.

See you at the market!