ORANGE is the new Green

dear shoppers, Obercreek Farm is bringing nasturtiums to the market tomorrow. Did you know that ALL parts of this climbing plant with deep orange blossoms is edible, save for the roots?

The tender young leaves add a peppery kick to salads and sandwiches (a good substitute for watercress in egg salad sandwiches or arugula on a pizza).  The delicious flower blossoms look stunning scattered whole on a salad, but minced, they can also be used to flavor vinegar or butter.

And the seeds can be pickled and used just as capers would.

Orange is also the color of Guyank Brand's kicky mango hot sauce which is the farmer's market version of Sriracha.  Kenya and Keane come to the market only once a month, so make sure to grab a couple of bottles for your smoked and grilled meats this summer - and for your farm eggs too.

It is also a personal must on the True Foods breakfast burrito..Yes - True Foods will be back at the market tomorrow by popular demand. They've got a bunch of new salads inspired by the greens they are now using from Blooming Hill Farms.

The strawberries are SO good this year,  it's hard to get too excited about the cherries that are turning up relatively early at market. Who says you can't buy both? Pick some up for the long drive to camp this weekend and watch them disappear lickety split.

Speaking of orange -  make sure to pick up some Muhammara at the Taiim Falafel Shack tent tomorros. This Middle Eastern spread is made with roasted red peppers, pomegranate Molasses, walnuts, Panko Bread Crumbs, Israeli Hot Sauce and Middle Eastern Spices and it is my new favorite dip for a summer crudite platter.

Lasagna Preziosa is taking a weekend off to attend a wedding in D.C.

The extreme heat has done a number on the mushrooms at Wiltbank Farm. He will be back as soon as he has enough product to sell.

Read up on the multi-faceted nasturtium in this article from Edible Portland which includes this recipe for nasturtium soup with braised pistachios. Tierra Farm has been short on pistachios of late - but you can substitute with some of their  cashews or walnuts instead.

The Levins will be performing around 10:15 to 12:15.

Kids YOGA is at 9:15...look for Michele on the pink and ORANGE tarp!

See you at the market...