Cooling Cukes, spatchcock chicken and a ready-made marinade

Bon app cuke focCucumbers: they are packed with fiber and vitamins, are good for your hair, your nails, your skin, your digestion and your blood pressure. They help flush toxins, fight stress and cancer. They are low-calorie and completely affordable. But, most importantly - they contain 95 percent WATER - so are extremely cooling on a sweltering July day in New York. You can always count on a cucumber to cool you down - inside and out. Raw cucumber spears dipped in Taiim Shack Mobile's magenta beet hummus, Sohha Savory Yogurt yogurt with Zaatar, or drizzled with lemon or Kontoulis Family Olive Oil are reliably good.But there are so many more ways you can enjoy these humble green gourds. Bon Appétit Magazine put together a handy list of great cucumber recipes ranging from popsicles to margaritas including this beautiful flatbread capped with burrata and sliced cucumbers.

If you don't want to make flatbread, use a slice of hearty Bien Cuit miche or of Bread Alone Bakery's rustic foccacia instead. Lasagna Preziosa's creamy mozzarella would be a lovely substitute for burrata and sub some of Sun Sprout Farm's cheery, teensy yellow cherry tomatoes for the favas.

Southtown Farms has brought back their spatchcock chicken - these birds are butterflied and ready to hug the grill.

AnnaMaria's Northern Italian Jams bringing two new sauces this week: a Red Pepper Vinaigrette, a perfect match for Neversink Farm's head-turning heads of lettuce; and a traditional Piemontese Bagna Verde, a dipping or grilling sauce for everything from red meats and fish to veggies. The main ingredients are parsley, capers, garlic, and olive oil, and just a dollop delivers "a great fresh kick to any dish" says chef Dominique. "It is also good with strong cheeses and fantastic on cured meat sandwiches."

Our rotating vendors this week are: AnnaMaria's Northern Italian Jams Jams Bombay Emerald Chutney Company Calcutta Kitchens Clean Ridge Soap Company, LLC Champagne Tea Kaffee & Klatsch NY MOMO dressing Nutty Spread

See you at the market!

*Please note that Painted Goat Farm will not be at the market this week. We apologize for the inconvenience.