CORN on the COB and Lavender Peach Pops...

dear shoppers, Someone in my family is having her braces taken off today. Naturally, we're having corn on the cob this weekend. Lucky for us, the corn at the market is just AWESOME right now. And I do mean that literally - Morgiewicz Produce is bringing a variety of bi-color corn that is aptly named, Awesome.

It is, in fact,  so awesome that you barely need to add salt and rolling it in butter could be considered blasphemy.

That being said,  our corn on the cob needs to feel a little bit more celebratory this weekend and, how much unadulterated corn on the cob can you really eat in the span of a summer?

image-35Here are 6 ways to jazz up your corn  from, including the Mexican-style corn on the cob.




Happy Belly Baby is bringing some new hyper-seasonal fruit and vegetable purees this week: Broccoli & Swiss Chard and Peaches & Lavender. Also guaranteed to make babies (and grown-ups) happy this week: Peaches & Lavender pops and Raspberry & Cream pops, too.


Champagne Kombucha TEA is here this week. Between them and Red Jacket juices, the market is doing its best to keep you refreshed this summer.

We have a guest yoga instructor this week...Please bring your kids and your mats to the market tent at 9:30 and we'll show you to Dina - a certified yoga instructor who happens to also teach fourth grade. Adults welcome, too!

The Scribble ART crew will keep your children creatively entertained after yoga....

See you at the market!