Fairy tale eggplant at the market this week!

You say you don't like eggplant? Surely you haven't tried these miniature, jewel-like eggplants streaked violet and cream,  pretty as can be. image-33When cooked, their skin is far more tender than that of regular eggplant and they have absolutely no seeds. What's not to love?

They are even beautiful in the fields, or in container pots (yes, they are small enough for containers) with their jet-purple blossoms that boast bright sunny centers.

Fairy tale eggplants caramelize beautifully and they are perfect on the grill.

Here's a great recipe for grilled eggplant with a garlicky yogurt sauce with pomegranate seeds from SavorySimple.

And, here's a  recipe for fairy tale eggplant with peppers from personal chef Maria Reina who was at the market last week and who blogged about fairy tale eggplant  in LoHud this week.

Going to a beach rental anytime soon? Make sure to pick up some cashew and almond butter for hearty breakfasts from the Peanut Principle. Also, pick up some organic teas to make pitchers of summer sun tea from Teagevity and some wildfower honey from Hudson River Apiairies to sweeten it.

And wherever you are headed, don't forget to pack some refreshing Red Jacket juices for the road trip...

Speaking of hitting the road, some of our favorite volunteers, Rob and Nancy, are moving on. Rob always arrived by 7 a.m. to help us navigate the vendors' cars and trucks at set-up. In order to move the vehicles out quickly each Saturday, he helped unload everything from barrels of pickles to buckets of sunflowers. We will be lost without him! Nancy always kept the market tent running smoothly and the bills in our money pouch facing one direction.

On behalf of the market, a giant THANK YOU  for all your years of service. The market just won't be the same without you two.

Our music this week is Serenata.

And the Dough Nation pizza truck will be parked on the street, in front of the Library ...Maybe the pizza chef will slice some fairy tale eggplant on a pizza. Now that would be a dream come true.

See you at the market!